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Papers are now invited for presentation at the Island Invasives 2017 conference, in the form of either a talk or a poster. Specifications of both presentation formats are given below. All papers should initially be offered in the form of an Abstract, the format of which is also given below. Abstracts must be submitted online by no later than 28 February 2017. They will then be evaluated and scored by an expert panel. Notification of the panel’s decision will be made by 30 April 2017. Presenters seeking early notification of Abstract acceptance (e.g. to be given consent to attend the meeting) should make their submission at least two months before their deadline, and specify by when they need to be notified.

Papers may be submitted on any topic relating to invasive alien species on islands, where the term ‘island’ is broadly interpreted and (rather ironically from a classical perspective) may include a submarine island – e.g. a coral reef. The invasive species involved may be flora or fauna. Particularly encouraged are papers that relate to the theme of the conference – scaling up to meet the challenge – or to either biosecurity/quarantine or post eradication impacts on native biota.

The number of spoken presentations will be limited by time constraints. If the number of papers offered for spoken presentation exceeds the number of available spaces, as is likely, spaces will be allocated on the basis of Abstract score. In these circumstances, conference attendees should expect to be limited to one spoken presentation. Papers not accepted for spoken presentation, and those submitted for poster presentation, will be allocated poster display space. Presenting authors must be registered for the conference before submitting an Abstract.

The submission of all papers for publication in the Conference Proceedings as a full manuscript will be welcomed, and is a condition for oral presentations. Manuscripts must be submitted to the Editor by no later than 30 June 2017. All submissions will be subject to peer review. Papers may be required to be amended, or may be rejected, at the discretion of the Editor. Presented papers not submitted as a full manuscript, or not accepted for publication by the Editor, will appear in the Proceedings as an Abstract. The Proceedings will be published by the IUCN, in the same series as for the two previous conferences*, and will be available in printed and electronic form. Submitted manuscripts should, in general, conform to the style required by the Journal of Zoology:  The parts of their instructions for authors relevant to our conference proceedings may be downloaded here.

Some manuscripts, however, will cover subject matter that does not readily conform to this template, and in these cases another format may be more appropriate. See the Proceedings of the 2010 conference for guidance* or consult with the Editor.

Student awards. An expert panel will score all presentations given by students and entered for the competition. Awards and certificates will be given for the best student talk and the best student poster. To qualify, students must be registered with a recognised Institution or must have been so registered when the presented work was carried out. Please indicate in the appropriate box at the time of Abstract submission if you wish your paper to be considered for an award.

FORMATS and related information:

ABSTRACTS must be submitted online via the conference website. Text can be typed directly into the appropriate boxes, or copied and pasted from a file generated by, e.g., Microsoft WORD. Required elements are: TITLE (CAPITALS), authors, authors’ affiliations, email address of first author, and text not exceeding 300 words. Arial 10 font must be used throughout and is the default for the online text boxes. For example:


Martin, A.R.1,2,3, Neil, A.2 and Shemilt, E. K.1,2.

1University of Dundee, Perth Rd, Dundee DD1 5DD, UK

2South Georgia Heritage Trust, Verdant Works, West Henderson’s Wynd, Dundee DD1 5BT, UK

This is the text of the abstract. It should be written in English and clearly explain objectives, methodology, results and conclusions. No graphs or images may be included. Word count for the text (excluding title, authors etc) should be no more than 300. The submission should be typed directly into the appropriate box on the website or copied and pasted from a file created by, e.g., Microsoft WORD using Arial 10 font. There will be no facility to upload files.


TALKS will normally be based on a Microsoft POWERPOINT presentation. Speakers must deliver their file on a memory stick, properly labelled, to the dedicated speaker desk at the conference, no later than 24 hrs before their talk. Speakers scheduled to be in action on the first day should deliver their file no later than the end of the first plenary session (the formal opening of the conference).

To avoid scheduling chaos and allow everyone to know when a particular speaker is presenting, talks must start promptly on time, at 15-min intervals. Speakers will be allocated 12 minutes on the podium, including questions, thereby allowing 3 minutes for them to depart and the following speaker to step up to the podium and be introduced by the Chair. POSTERS will be allocated space equivalent to a standard A0 sheet of paper (1189mm high x 841mm wide) but may comprise multiple smaller sheets fitting within that space.