Conference Proceedings

The submission of all papers for publication in the Conference Proceedings as a full manuscript will be welcomed, and is a condition for oral presentations. Manuscripts must be submitted to the Editor by no later than 30 June 2017. All submissions will be subject to peer review. Papers may be required to be amended, or may be rejected, at the discretion of the Editor. Presented papers not submitted as a full manuscript, or not accepted for publication by the Editor, will appear in the Proceedings as an Abstract. The Proceedings will be published by the IUCN, in the same series as for the two previous conferences*, and will be available in printed and electronic form. Submitted manuscripts should conform to the style required by the IUCN as detailed in Please take particular note of Section 10 References. Parts of their instructions for authors, and additional information relevant to our conference proceedings, may be downloaded here.

Some manuscripts, however, will cover subject matter that does not readily conform to this template, and in these cases another format may be more appropriate. See the Proceedings of the 2010 conference for guidance* or consult with the Editor.