FORMATS and related information:

TALKS will normally be based on a Microsoft POWERPOINT presentation (pptx format, with any videos embedded). PPTX Files should be emailed to (or if there are any issues, to with the email stating the session number and talk number within that session. See to check the session and talk number for your presentation. For example, the first keynote speech by Biz Bell is session number 1, talk number 1.4.

Speakers must also deliver their file on a memory stick, properly labelled, to the dedicated speaker desk at the conference, at least 24 hours ahead of their talk. Speakers scheduled to be in action on the first day should deliver their file no later than the registration period at the start of the day.

To avoid scheduling chaos and allow everyone to know when a particular speaker is presenting, talks must start promptly on time, at 15-min intervals. Speakers will be allocated 12 minutes on the podium, including questions, thereby allowing 3 minutes for them to depart and the following speaker to step up to the podium and be introduced by the Chair.

POSTERS will be allocated space equivalent to a standard A0 sheet of paper (1189mm high x 841mm wide) but may comprise multiple smaller sheets fitting within that space.

Student awards. An expert panel will score all presentations given by students and entered for the competition. Awards and certificates will be given for the best student talk and the best student poster. To qualify, students must be registered with a recognised Institution or must have been so registered when the presented work was carried out.