Island Invasives Conference, 2017 – Programme


The conference will be held over five days, with the middle day free of formal sessions and available for organised field excursions, group meetings or exploring/relaxing. There will be an icebreaker event on the Sunday evening (July 9th) at Discovery Point, home of Captain Scott’s ship RRS Discovery, from 6 p.m. lasting approximately 2 hours. Registration will take place on the Monday morning (July 10th), and the conference will close at lunchtime on Friday, July 14th. Spoken presentations will occupy Monday p.m., Tuesday a.m. and p.m., Thursday a.m. and p.m., and Friday a.m. Facilities and space for poster presentations will be provided.


Abstracts will be invited for both spoken and poster presentations. Standard talks will be of 15 minutes duration, including questions. Further details about format and submission will follow soon. The expectation is that no parallel spoken sessions will be required, but this will be reviewed if the demand for spoken presentations substantially outstrips the availability of 15-minute slots. One or two keynote speakers will be given longer speaking slots each day.

The IUCN has kindly consented to publish papers and abstracts, as it did for the two previous conferences in this series. Details to follow.